I’m a student at Marist College pursuing a degree in computer science with a focus on software development, with minors in graphic design, information systems, and information technology. Lately, I’ve been exploring programming languages and compiler development, and plan to do a senior thesis project on compiler construction with Ruby.

I’m also a web developer that works primarily with Ruby, JavaScript, and occasionally Haskell. I’ve been working in the web field for seven years, and I’m currently an intern at Oak, where I work primarily on Siteleaf. Previously, I was the Chief Information Officer for the Marist College Student Government Association and a web developer at Fanzter.

I am also for freelance web development work at this time. If you want to work together on a project, shoot me an email.



Web development intern

Jun. 2015 – present

Marist College Student Government Association

Chief Information Officer

Dec. 2014 – Apr. 2016


Intern → Web developer

Jun. 2011 – Sept. 2014


Marist College

B.S. in Computer Science (software development concentration), with minors in graphic design, information technology, and information systems

Aug. 2013 – present

University College London

Affiliate Computer Science (term abroad)

Sept. 2015 – Dec. 2015



Marvin is a toy programming language written in Ruby.


Where do you want to go?


Ikat is an easy way to collect the products you love.


Marist College Technology Scholarship

Full four-year tuition, room, and board scholarship

Aug. 2013 – present